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Changjiang Pékin Express

About Us

In October 2016, we went with our friend Pitoun to pick up three brand new Ural sidecars in Riga, Latvia.

And it was in the middle of this capital that we discovered the improbable driving of a sidecar. We made our first hesitant kilometers with these "crabs" and day by day we tamed our machines to return after 3,600 kilometers of magnificent landscapes and warm human contact.

More details on our journey full of discoveries on our blog:  LVURAL.CH


Two small health concerns having made us lose our respective jobs, and it is in 2020 that we open our first small workshop of 50m square dedicated to Ural sidecars at first, then quickly to all brands.

We take the import from Changjiang for Switzerland and start giving introductory lessons and renting with and without driver.

Our services then extend to weddings, bachelor parties, birthdays, walks for people with reduced mobility and finally cameraman drivers for TV as well as two advertising agencies.


June 2021, we move to work in bright premises of 250 square meters. it is now possible for us to store up to 15 sidecars while maintaining a friendly workspace.

From then on, the requests flowed in and, in 2022, our specialized workshop is now known in the world of three wheels and we double the sales compared to 2021.

Our customers coming from all over Switzerland, we are always looking for agents on the German Swiss side and in Ticino where we are still poorly represented.

After having withstood the various waves of Covid 19, after having suffered delays due to the Suez Canal, we are now facing the multiple increases in energy, transport, insurance, rents and raw materials caused by the war in Ukraine without failing in our two lines of conduct: the customer's pleasure is paramount and his sidecar is made to drive and travel.

We approach 2023 with the same desire to share our passion for sidecars.

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